49 minutes | Jan 14th 2019

132 : Baristas Speak! Vol. 3 : Conversations form Coffee Champs Nashville! w/ Adam JacksonBey, Kat Melheim, & Kristina Jackson : Barista career, leadership, industry impact, overcoming challenges

Baristas speak and we listen! Learning form others experiences and allowing the way we chart our course to be influenced by the best input from our peers is an essential element of healthy community.

I was able to attend the Coffee Champs event in Nashville where I had many great conversations with professionals from all over the country. I recorded and am sharing 3 of those conversations. I interview Adam Jacksonbey of the soon-to-be-open "Tell Coffee" D.C., Kat Melheim of The Coffee People Zine and Roaster at Allegro Coffee in Denver, CO, and Kristina Jackson of Intelligentsia Coffee in Boston Mass. 

We talk about what drives them to pursue a career in coffee, what makes a great barista, what makes a great leader, what challenges did they have to overcome in heir careers, and how do they want to leave their mark on the industry. 

I hope you leave these interviews encouraged and inspired!