65 minutes | May 18th 2018

Kevin Gill Show - Gregory Iron Episode 152

Handicapped Hero Gregory Iron joins the show to talk about his early life, CM PUNK, his love for wrestling, Zach Gowen, empowerment, Chris Hamrick's eye opening bumps, how one show changed his life, bullies, training, Hulk Hogan, Uncensored '95, and much more! Plus: Kevin Gill talks tells a "Meeting CM PUNK" story, and gives his thoughts on The Dark Carnival Games Con in Denver and what went down. PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Check out our shirts: www.ProWrestlingTees.Com/KevinGill KG Show Shirts, Stickers, merch plus much more at www.DignifiedBastard.Com Support the show at www.Patreon.Com/KevinGillShow
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