65 minutes | Dec 24th 2017

Jack Hager Aka Jack Swagger Kevin Gill Show Ep 142

NCAA Wrestling standout, Former WWE world champion and BELLATOR fighter Jack Hager Swagger talks working with Paul Heyman, growing up in Oklahoma, Chris Jericho, PMA, his fashion sense, Samoans, Indepndent wrestling, Tommy Dreamer, Young Bucks, Joey Ryan, Jeff Cobb, ECW, All Pro Wrestling, Lars Frederiksen and many more topics, including some ball breaking! Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays !!! Support the show at www.Patreon.Com/KevinGillShow Peep the new video interview series and subscribe at twitch.tv/KevinGill Merchandise at www.DignifiedBastard.Com and also PRO WRESTLING TEES!!! Tweet us and follow us! @OGKevinGill @KevinGillShow #PMA
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