57 minutes | May 25th 2018

Gregory Iron Part 2 - Episode 153 Kevin Gill Show

Gregory Iron returns for PART 2 of his in person interview to talk about Johnny Gargano, Colt Cabana, Young Bucks, noteable 5 Star WWE matches, straight edge culture, Mdogg Matt Cross, CM PUNK, Drowning Pool Parrot, Stiffing Vader, AIW Wrestling, Gargano's Catering on West 25th street in Cleveland Ohio, Psycho Sid Eudy, Positive Mental Attitude, Thunder in Paradise, speakng at schools and much more!!! Facebook.com/TheHandicappedHero and on Twitter @GregoryIron   PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Check out our shirts: www.ProWrestlingTees.Com/KevinGill KG Show Shirts, Stickers, merch plus much more at www.DignifiedBastard.Com Support the show at www.Patreon.Com/KevinGillShow
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