41 minutes | Mar 7, 2020

KDP Ep 042: Dental Q&A, Remineralization and Best Practices

Welcome back for another episode. Our 42nd to be exact! Today I'm going to be answering some questions I've been getting over at The Healthy Rebellion with Robb Wolf.  Speaking of, if you don't know what that is or aren't a member, do yourself a favor and check it out at join.thehealthyrebellion.com Today I'm going to be talking about: Why you can't out brush a bad diet The biggest factors for dental disease Why fluoride is neither the devil nor the savior Specific product recommendations My beef with charcoal toothpastes Why oil pulling is "meh" and MORE! If you liked today's show, I call on you to share, write a review, or leave a rating.  Hint, me gustan cinco estrellas (I like 5 stars). Gracias amigos!  And until next time don't forget to Eat, Move, and SMILE!
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