100 minutes | Dec 30, 2018

KDP Ep 032: Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright of Ketogains

Hey gang! Welcome back to the Ketodontist Podcast! This will be the last episode of 2018, and boy what a show to end the year with. Today we catch up with a few fan favorites: Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright, the co-founders of Ketogains. So not only is this the first episode that we've had multiple guests, but both are returning guests as well. If you haven't had the chance to listen to their individual episodes, I highly encourage you to do so. In THIS episode we discuss: The story behind the creation of Ketogains What separates Ketogains philosophy from the mainstream keto scene What are the best practices when going Keto Why some people need to hear some "tough love" The psychology of change New improvements to the Ketogains Bootcamps An exciting launch of a new product (hint: It's got what plants crave) Announcing Dr. Matt joining the Ketogains coaching team And MORE! If you enjoy today's show, please leave us a 5 star or written review, as this is how we continue to grow the show and spread the word! Links to resources mentioned in the episode" Luis IG: @darthluiggi Tyler IG: @ty_cartwright www.ketogains.com www.ketogainsbootcamps.com www.drinklmnt.com And lastly, you can support the show and purchase Robb Wolf's Keto Masterclass by visiting www.learnketonow.com
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