88 minutes | Apr 2, 2021

Nina Teicholz - How the US Dietary Guidelines Are Harming Us

This week is a replay from one of the really early episodes when I had the great pleasure of talking to Nina Teicholz. Nina talked about her international bestseller The Big Fat Surprise and how women and children in particular have been impacted by the US national dietary guidelines. You can find more information about this episode in the show notes at: https://ketowomanpodcast.com/nina-teicholz/ If you have enjoyed listening to this episode, please leave me a review on iTunes and the Keto Woman Podcast Facebook page. It really helps new people hear about the podcast. https://www.facebook.com/KetoWomanPodcast/ If you want to get in touch because you have an idea for a show, a topic you would like to hear about, an extraordinary woman to nominate - or maybe volunteer yourself - please email me at daisy@ketowomanpodcast.com. Please consider helping me make more episodes by making a monthly pledge at my Patreon page. There are some cool rewards up for grabs too! https://www.patreon.com/ketowoman.
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