47 minutes | Sep 30th 2020

Jim Cantelon, Interview with Co-Founder of King of Kings Community Jerusalem

Jeff interviews Rev. Jim Cantelon, co founder of King of Kings Community Jerusalem back in 1983. Jim has gone on to work for 100 Huntley Street, pastor Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC. From there, he founded Visionled, which became Working for Orphans and Widows (WOW), a ministry focused on HIV Aids sufferers in Sub Saharan Africa. He continues to be the Founder and President of this great organization along with other writing and television projects he is involved in as well, including his own show 'Jim Cantelon Today.' Jim shares his story and his thoughts on why supporting Israel is important, as well as whether or not understanding and connecting with the Jewish roots of faith require us as Gentiles to 'act Jewish' or not.

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