69 minutes | Nov 18th 2020

Episode 119: Jordanna Kalman

Jordanna Kalman is a fine art photographer who lives and works in New York. Jordanna’s work explores loneliness, femininity and individuality, and the images are highly personal. In her series Little Romances, she rephotographs prints of earlier images of hers which had been stolen and misused. By considering the prints as objects and adding new elements, she creates a new narrative, examining the anxieties of being a woman and creating a form of protection for the image. In our conversation we discussed prints as still-life subjects, what anger can accomplish, and our mutual dislike of “mean” photography. Then in the second segment we discussed a recent Instagram dust-up between two photographers, and how it’s relevant to our larger society.

(Conversation recorded October 21, 2020.)


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Show Notes: Transcript Episode Credits
  • Editing/Mixing: Mike Sakasegawa
  • Music: Podington Bear
  • Transcription: Shea Aguinaldo