33 minutes | Nov 18, 2021

Episode One

When Zach meets new kid Gabe Navarro in detention, Zach is fascinated by Gabe and his progressive politics but figures it’s a lost cause.Gabe, however, is determined to shake things up.If you’d like to make more Keep It Steady episodes possible and access a variety of bonus rewards, including your name in the morning announcements, please visit patreon.com/keepitsteadypod to become a Patreon backer. This episode features:Kay Watson as Morning AnnouncementsAshton Reid as Zach
Ella Mouria Seet as Melissa
Stephen Indrisano as Eddie
Nikki Paige as Mrs. Peterson
Chris Rivera as Gabe Ishani Kanetkar as Tori 
Andy BC Emmerson as MikePaige Alena as Leslie
Regina Renée Russell as Krista
Nat Razi as Ponni 
Perseus Rebelo as Andy
Directed by Rachel Mackenzie KellumProduction coordination by Michaela Whatnall
Sound effects by Phoebe Izzard DaveyAudio mixing by Rebecca Lynn
Written by Jessica BestVideo game music is Climb by Shane Ivers, from silvermansound.comZach’s narration music is by Chiron Star. Closing credits music is by Jessica Best, and arranged, performed, and produced by Chiron Star.
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