76 minutes | Feb 6, 2021

Take the LEAP with Victor Foote (Yoga Rove Co Founder)

#019 - Ever wondered how an aspiring animation student goes on to create a yoga for beginners business reaching 1,000,000 people online? Join Connor as he interviews Victor Foote about his journey and insights in creativity.Here's what we cover:Victor's journey from aspirational animator to reaching 1,000,000 people online through his yoga business, Yoga RoveThe importance of communication skills and tools like headspace for navigating the busy modern worldA bunch of books and resources that could help you be more successful with your creativityHow a path of questions can unfold into a journey like hisImportance of surrounding yourself with constantly improving mentors and peers and how that's possible with online coursesSeveral discoveries through pursuing a career in the police force also which opened his eyes to the limitations we often place upon ourselvesTrying and pursuing whatever interests you in the moment in order to gain different perspectivesHow having those perspectives to draw from, as well as a practise of reflection can help you find the things that really strike a chord in yourself and others like youFear can be a sign of a good pathBeing your own boss has its challengesHow niching down to the ONE THING (it's a book reference) in many aspects of life is key in whatever you pursueDelaying gratification with dopamine detoxes and other practises is the superpower we're all depraved of in today's western culture steeped in tech and on-demand everythingSocial anxiety and shifting perspectives to develop the skills you lackMeditation seems to be the one thing many people attribute a large amount of their success and gratification towardsDelegating can be hard for creative typesEven the biggest creators have imposter syndrome just like you and ISelf-sabotage and how scaling up your thinking is a viable path around itValuing yourself is the key to others valuing you and your work alsoReverse engineering what makes you uncomfortableEverything is figure-out-ableBeing an idea machineHow momentum builds momentumYou can learn more about the community behind Create With Us Productions or read our newsletter for creatives here:https://www.cwupcommunity.comJoin the community, hit subscribe, and keep creative!You can find this episode's show notes at:https://www.cwupcommunity.com/keepcreative/victorfoote
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