66 minutes | Dec 12, 2020

Discomfort Means GROWTH with Ken Ackerman (Cartoon Animator)

#012 - Ever wondered what life is like as a fresh out of college, professional animator for shows and cartoons? Join Connor as he interviews Ken Ackerman about all things creative.We cover quite a few topics:The life of an early career animatorLanding a job straight out of college in the creative fieldsUnderstanding the performance triad of skill, speed and attitudeWhat 2 attributes you need to excel in a teamOpen your mind Checking your ego Thriving within a studio environmentArt blockThe  difference between what your brain expects, and what you can actually doAccepting where you're at with your skillsetGetting and digesting feedback from other artistsCollaboration (and why us more introverted creatives can find it scary)Talent vs hard workHow to persistAvoiding the hole of self-pity we can often find ourselves in from time to timeSeparating yourself from your workWhy you should be sharing your workArtist atrophyTrusting others to be involved with your projectHow being uncomfortable can indicate that you're growingThe best part of being in a duo, group or teamTaking pride in your strengths Life-drawing as a learning toolThe best ways to explore new stylesThe advice Ken would give themselves, were they to start all over again!You can learn more about the community behind Create With Us Productions or read our newsletter for creatives here:https://www.cwupcommunity.comJoin the community, hit subscribe, and keep creative!You can find this episode's show notes at:https://www.cwupcommunity.com/keepcreative/kenackerman
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