45 minutes | Jan 2, 2021

Create Your FREEDOM with Brandon Nankivel (One Percent Better)

#014 - Are you curious what life is like for a self-made entrepreneur and self-development / book summary YouTube creator? Join Connor as he interviews Brandon Nankivell of One Percent Better about all things creative.We cover quite a few topics:Lucid-dreaming and other eye-opening experiencesBook learning from a young ageJourney from IT student to entrepreneur and content creatorImportance of observing your favourite kinds of content and then making content to scratch the same itchCombining what you love, what you're good at and what's in demandEstablishing an effective online nicheFinding mentorshipTraditional education at university or college vs the rising availability of online alternativesThe value of developing your character and attitudeBrandon's journey through other industries such as ebook authoringWhy you should avoid being an ask-holeExperiences with burnoutLily-padding from YouTube creating to coaching othersObtaining financial freedom through your creationsImportant differences between employee and employer mindsetsHow you're missing out by not collaborating with life-mindsHow you're missing out by not outsourcing parts of your workflowOne Percent Better's creative process (from book, to script, to video)Mixing creative and analytical / engineer-like thinkingBreaking others' and your own creations apart to reconstruct something newThe winner's effect and how you can leverage it to stay persistentOvercoming creative fatigue and burnout when it happensChanging up your work or style to refresh your enthusiasmRetaining focusThe danger of deviating from what is already working for youBrandon's evergreen advice for creators and artists-in-the-makingYou can learn more about the community behind Create With Us Productions or read our newsletter for creatives here:https://www.cwupcommunity.comJoin the community, hit subscribe, and keep creative!You can find this episode's show notes at:https://www.cwupcommunity.com/keepcreative/brandonnankivell
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