49 minutes | Jan 30, 2021

Build Your BASICS with Tangi Bodio (Video Game Artist)

#018 - Have you ever wondered what it's like to make stylized art for video games like Fortnite? Join Connor as he interviews Tangi Bodio about all things creativity!We cover quite a few topics:how Tangi stepped into the world of video games the value of drawing as a skillart school in Francehow exploring many different aspects of art including its history is really helpful to your skillsetexperiences working with peculiar mediums like making art for 3D glasses (remember that?)Tangi's love of being involved in all aspects of a pipeline,drawing inspiration from everything you experience in life, even cooking!pros, cons and best practise when managing your social media presence the undeniable influence of online validation on your art practisehow to avoid stagnation when repeating the same old thing again and again (like in a job or practise regime)understanding why and how the tools, concepts and techniques you use to make your art work to create cohesion in your workhow developing your technique enables creativity, and how Tangi himself isn't a fan of practising and developing technical proficiency, but believes it's ultimately better than trying to work with no or poor techniqueexperiences working in games and on IP's like Fortnitepursuing a variety of jobs, from more stylized ones to hyper-real ones also in an effort to keep growingswitching it up when you feel you're settlingthe awful frustration and embarrassment we all face when going back to basics, but why it's ultimately one of the most worthwhile things you can dothe current culture of free online education and its perks and pitfallsan incredible analogy relating the pursuit of creativity to button mashing in a fighting gamethe inner battle we face between catching trends and creating the work that's meaningful to us (but often times less popular to audiences)how it's still ideal to pursue mastery of the fundamentals simultaneously or before attempting to stylize your creationscreative constraints and difficulties in dealing with managing your own personal expectationsthe sage advice Tangi would give himself were he to start all over again!You can learn more about the community behind Create With Us Productions or read our newsletter for creatives here:https://www.cwupcommunity.comJoin the community, hit subscribe, and keep creative!You can find this episode's show notes at:https://www.cwupcommunity.com/keepcreative/tangibodio
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