49 minutes | Jan 9, 2021

Asking is a SKILL with Nina Klos (Game Art Student)

#015 - Ever dreamed of studying 3D game art at university? Join Connor as he interviews Nina Klos all things creativity.We cover quite a few topics:what it's like studying 3D art for games at universityhow self-teaching via the internet (like the rest of us) is a significant part of educationtips on persevering what leads creatives-in-the-making to burnoutmaking time for breaks when there is none nurturing a playful mindset to fight the frustration of learning new things sourcing feedback and why it's crucial to your growthNina's experience with anxiety how anxiety sabotages (and in at least one way assists) creativityimposter syndrome why we tend to hate our own work and how to deal with thatthe 3D modelling processinjecting personality into your portfolios in a "Where's Waldo/Wally" kind of waycreative continuityNina's views on style: its importance and how to get your owncopying from reference as a learning hackthe value of surrounding yourself within communities (in person and online with apps like Discord)reaching out of your comfort zone when you're shy or afraidfighting the creative stubbornness we all share which makes us think we need to do everything ourselvesthe advantage of failing publicly (be it online or in front of classmates) to your learningthe superweapon for Nina's creativity that is Gantt charts, a powerful productivity tool for setting mini deadlines or 'sprints'the value of detaching your identity from your work in order to make it better Nina's evergreen advice that she would give herself were she to start all over again You can learn more about the community behind Create With Us Productions or read our newsletter for creatives here:https://www.cwupcommunity.comJoin the community, hit subscribe, and keep creative!You can find this episode's show notes at:https://www.cwupcommunity.com/keepcreative/ninaklos
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