50 minutes | Jan 9th 2019

On Partnership with Jody Williams and Rita Sodi

Jody Williams and Rita Sodi— the women behind Buvette, I Sodi, and Via Carota and the upcoming Bar Pisellino— join Julia for a personal conversation about their partnership, both personal and professional.

They talk about how they feel about labels, what they hope to instill in their employees, and the energy and feel they work to create in their restaurants. "We want to make a place that we miss," said Jody.

There are also answers to listeners' questions and a shoutout to God's Love We Deliver (find out more about the organization here).

For more about Buvette, head here. For more about Via Carota, head here. And for more about Bar Pisellino, head here. For more about Julia Turshen and her work, head here.

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