41 minutes | Oct 24th 2017

Episode 89: Between the Lines 9 - Movement Matters…and it matters so much, we’re devoting the next couple episodes to it!

Welcome to the Katy Says podcast… This is the ninth in a series of special episodes we’re calling Between the Lines, where Katy Bowman and Stephanie Domet explore the deeper messages in and connections between Katy’s books.

Movement Matters:


https://nutritiousmovement.com/product/movement-matters-essays-on-movement-science-movement-ecology-and-the-nature-of-movement/ Movement Matters retreats:

https://nutritiousmovement.pike13.com/courses/147163 https://nutritiousmovement.pike13.com/courses/156311 Katy in New Zealand:  https://ancestralhealthnz.org/event/symposium-2017/