56 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

Dry Brushing and a Moral Cave

Kat's a little testy from being on day 3 of a cleanse and Moose recommends some relief. Producer Sara defends the science behind her questioning. Dry brushing is a thing, and we have a friend with an itching brush. Moose explores epic shoplifting and Producer Sara admits an elaborate shoplifting scheme. Feel free to share your shoplifting stories at hello@katandmoosepodcast.com or 1-866-KAT-Moo5 or @katandmoosepodcast. Moose quizzes us about a post from the Holistic Psychologist and we discover the wounds of our inner child. Kat has a new phone, and Moose is into Shark Week. We reveal where Hungry Hippo originated and Moose opens a surprise from Producer Sara. Kat questions our listeners' hobbies and interests and mourns a little FOMO. Moose digs into a good book and we don't do book clubs.

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