87 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

v2 Panel Discussion: #RootCauseRacism “The Colors of Love”

As a continuation of the first “Sharing Our Vision and Voices to #RootCauseRacism” blog series, Deondra Wardelle and her network of colleagues from the continuous improvement community reunite to provide additional insights to dismantle systemic racism through education, awareness and the application of Lean principles. The third blog series, The Colors of Love, focuses on the core concept of Lean - respect for people. This blog series aims to celebrate Black History Month in the U.S. and LGBTQ+ History Month in the UK while heightening awareness about the importance of valuing humanity, regardless of race, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), through demonstrating respect for people. The action of valuing the individual is vital to practice in education, health care and the workplace. Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages people to be true to themselves without the need for code-switching or fear for their well-being, advancement opportunities, or psychological and physical safety. Beginning the week of February 22, several authors will pen blogs that stress the importance of demonstrating respect for Black people in the LGBTQ+ community. They also will challenge readers to be intentional allies and cultivate environments where every person’s potential can flourish. Panelists will include continuous improvement experts who will be prepared to discuss how you can make a significant change in your workplace and community by demonstrating respect for people “one small improvement at a time”! Moderators: Deondra Wardelle Mark Graban  Panelists: Madison Mobley Paul Critchley Scott Bogan Alexus Bertrand Jeff Welch Karla Parker Panelist bios: https://info.kainexus.com/continuous-improvement/rootcauseracism-the-colors-of-love/webinar  #RootCauseRacism site: https://rootcauseracism.com   Blog posts from the panelists: https://www.rootcauseracism.com/blog
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