37 minutes | Nov 14, 2018

Science of Passion & Purpose (Guest Dr. Nicole K. Grimes)

This week’s guest is a ‘rebel hibiscus’, Trini-to-the-bone thought leader and influencer in the education space. DR. Nicole K,. Grimes, an Educational Consultant, shares her passion for science and the joy she experiences from teaching and sharing with all who venture into her world.  Follow @nicolekgrimes on Instagram and  @drnicolekgrimes on Twitter. You can request the adventurer @rebelhibscus on IG Subscribe, like and share this podcast with a friend and on social media and be sure to LIKE the episode and leave a message or post using the hashtag #kadenceintheclouds. Follow @karenhsthilaire on the social platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and visit her site iwww.karensthilaire.com. Be sure to purchase her first book "The Divine Butterfly: Inspiration On Your Journey To Success" Get Audible for 30-Day Membership trial offer
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