31 minutes | Oct 28, 2018

Faith Leaps Down Under (Guest: Tomasina Boone)

G'day Mate! Our guest this week is Tomasina "Tommy" Boone from Sydney, Australia. This beauty maven shares her journey from her days at Hype Hair and Essence Magazine to preparing for the grand opening of Curls and Natural Hair Boutique in Sydney.  Never one to ever want to leave bitterness in your cup, Tomasina shares her journey of services and pouring into folks in a place that was not only new, but foreign. She shares about the fear and joy of taking a leap of faith and had it has come full circle for her and her family. Follow Tomasina @cnhbeautyplace and @afropuffsinoz on Instagram Follow Karen @karenhsthilaire on Instagram and Twitter Subscribe, like and share this podcast with a friend and on social media and be sure to LIKE the episode and leave a message or post using the hashtag #kadenceintheclouds. Follow @karenhsthilaire on the social platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and visit her site www.karensthilaire.com. Be sure to purchase her first book "The Divine Butterfly: Inspiration On Your Journey To Success"  
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