13 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

Why do you need to balance your chakras and how to balance your chakras

In this episode, Kabir Deepak talks about basics of chakras and how to DIY balance chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies and need to be aligned and balanced else will lead to blockage of energy that will manifest in the form of physical and or emotional ailments.There are several DIY ways to balance chakras- ranging from diet like specific foods and fruits, chanting mantras Root Chakra: OM LaahmSacral Chakra:OM  VaahmSolar Plexus Chakra: OM RaahmHeart Chakra: OM YaahmThroat Chakra: OM HaahmThird eye Chakra: OM (Ohmm)Crown Chakra: Contemplative silenceand also affirmations  and crystals etcYou can book a session with Kabir Deepak for chakra balancing using oils, herbs, singing bowls, mantras and crystals, book now at www.mysticofeast.com
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