58 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

JTP Episode 56 - Lots To Discuss

Episode 56 is filled with various interesting topics. Judge Alison Nathan and her order to probe Prosecutorial Misconduct. Dateline Episode “The Phone Call”. District Attorney Mark Dupree and the Convictions Integrity Unit. The heartless nature of some who are in a position of power and how they operate in a spiteful manner as opposed to doing what is right. The Dangers of having those in power with agenda, biased, racism etc. Juror education and the importance of each citizen making certain they fulfil their duty effectively if and when they are selected. JTP has started a public group to help enlighten the potential juror and better prepare for if and when the time comes to serve https://www.facebook.com/groups/juror...​ All of this plus much more in the latest information packed episode by host Dominick Crea
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