52 minutes | Dec 19, 2020

JTP - Episode 50 - So, you are reformed now

Episode 50 Host Dominick Crea tackles several topics. He evaluates the sincerity of an informant who claims they are now reformed and have repented for their past sins. How far did they go to truly acknowledge the faults of their past actions. Did they seek forgiveness from those directly impacted or only from their newly found fan base? Covid-19 and the impact within the BOP. What protocols are in place to protect inmates? Why is there no communication given to those checking in on the well-being of those they are connected to? Is an Advocacy group truly one who advocates for those in need when they stay silent when an Italian charged with Rico is in need of assistance? In addition, why are some granted compassionate release due to Covid-19 and others who are more at risk denied? These topics are analyzed and dissected on our latest Episode. Not one to miss.
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