46 minutes | May 8, 2020

EP005 - Bringing toys into the future with tech

Bethany Koby is the founder and CEO of Tech with Save Us. They create experiences for kids that are fun, educational and teach them to be creative with technology, not just consume it. She is also a mother of two and we talk about how her kids have helped her test products and inspired her to start the company in the first place. Tech Will Save Us has partnered with lots of amazing brands including Disney and the BBC and we talk about the importance of these partnerships and what they have done for the business. Bethany comes from a family of creators and entrepreneurs but she never thought she would start her own business. Join me in part one of this interview where we discuss her journey and gleam heaps of insights into life as a CEO who was once a graphic designer. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/justyouraveragecreative/support
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