32 minutes | Apr 3, 2020

EP003 - Freelancing? Tell him, he's dreamin...

This is part 1 of my interview with Josh Dykgraaf, be sure to follow me to ensure you get to see part 2 where we continue our conversation and I discuss my key takeaways. Josh is an accomplished freelance designer/illustrator/artist who specialises in photographic manipulation. Originally trained as a photographer and graphic designer, his work focuses on exploring sense of place and visual identity by manipulating images he shoots into other forms, mixing textures from the built and natural landscapes. He's been working as a full time freelance illustrator since 2012 and recently completed a couple solo art exhibitions in Melbourne Australia. We talk about the ups and downs of being a freelance creative and if it is worth all of the trouble. There are plenty of golden nuggets of wisdom in this discussion and don't forget to tune in for the next episode where there is some of his best tips. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/justyouraveragecreative/support
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