9 minutes | Mar 20, 2020

Issue 35.5: Special Annoucement

Issue 35.5: Special Annoucement Listen Now! Oops! We accidentally took a vacation, and then the WHOLE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE-DOWN! Was it our fault? We're really sorry if it was. But we here at Team Weirdos understand that there are a LOT of listeners with a LOT of time on their hands, and we're back to keep things weird! (Wash your hands!) BE A HERO! LISTEN TODAY!This is a serialized story, and a new episode is launched each week. For the best experience, subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, or your favorite podcasting app! SUBSCRIBE IN APPLE PODCASTS DRESS LIKE A WEIRDO Listen in Spotify Subscribe in Google Play Subscribe in Pocket Casts Subscribe to RSS The post Issue 35.5: Special Annoucement appeared first on Just Us Weirdos.
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