10 minutes | Nov 30, 2018

#093 - Shoop's Delicatessen | Friday Forkisode

One part delicatessen + one part European market + one part cafe = a recipe for a delicious day in Santa Monica. If you want a European delicacy of sweet treat for entertaining your guests , Shoop’s Delicatessen on Main Street is the place to be – and if you then want to sit down in for a quick-but-mouth-watering lunch or breakfast, it’s still the place to be.


The menu is dense with choices ranging from pancakes and avocado toast to frankfurters and in-house smoke salmon – and it’s so, so difficult to narrow it down to just one thing.


But I was determined to order just one dish, and I chose the Gravlax: an open-faced sandwich served with house cured gravlax, cucumber, tomato, dill, lemon, and mustard-dill sauce. The salmon melts in your mouth, balanced by the acid and sauce... and I’m in love!

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