63 minutes | Oct 14, 2020

MetaView #8 - The Power of Communities, Currencies & Other Things with Griff Green

“My mission is not about the infrastructure - it’s kind of weird how we focus so much on the chain, and we almost lose sight of what is the point, what are we trying to do, what problems are we trying to solve?” As always, this episode covers a fairly broad range of subjects. From creating strong, healthy & value-aligned communities to creating value and rewarding value that has often been overlooked, to the power unlocked for the collectives and communities with the ability to create their own money. We went over some Crypto Psyops, forking blockchains & communities, legal wrappers and even Justin Sun! - 🤢 Griff had originally fallen into the Bitcoin rabbit hole through hatred towards banks. Getting disenchanted through Bitcoin staying in a rut, he moved into the Ethereum space through his fascination with novel economic experiments & involvement with The DAO. He has now been deeply involved in the Ethereum space for years, with projects like Giveth and the Commons Stack. Though he's not an Ethereum maximalist, he loves Ethereum for its community.  How does an open source attitude contribute to a welcoming community in Ethereum? What’s all this about public goods? How can we create a strong culture with respectful boundaries while building together? One of the resources Griff recommends is Elinor Ostrom's 8 Principles for Commons Governance - we’ve linked a piece at the end!  We can now create economies around social goods and values that never had a business model. The fact that we can start easily, just copy paste and create an economy, that kind of power has never been held in the people’s hands before. That is what gets Griff out of bed each morning. “This is what I love about MetaGame too, dude.. all of these economies are just games! Money is points!” “And each community values its own things, and issues its own currency.”   Come, play the game with us. Resources: The DAO The Commons Stack Giveth Elinor Ostrom’s 8 Principles for Managing a Commons Automating Ostrom for Effective DAO Management by Jeff of Commons Stack BREE Rugpull Steemit’s Hive Fork Is Justin Sun a Psychopath? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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