46 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

MetaView #7 - Onboarding, Prototyping & Sidechaining with Austin Griffith

Peth talks to the GOAT Ethereum developer, tool builder, and one of the first quadratic freelancers through Gitcoin CLR grants - Austin Griffith. No matter what perspective you take, Austin has a wealth of experience to share on the Ethereum ecosystem and how to effectively onboard new developers into the space. There are certainly holes in the space that need to be filled, and people willing to experiment and build are helping to fill them.  Main Topics: Onboarding Developers to Web3 ScaffoldETH and ETH.BUILD for prototyping xDAI for fun and… profit? Austin builds tools ScaffoldETH & ETH.BUILD to empower the builders and help them get to rapidly prototyping ideas. He also spends a lot of onboarding Web2 developers to Web3 through 1on1 sessions where he gives them contextual understanding of developing in Web3 and tries to get them going - what a great man that Austin guy, isn't he? On getting ideas for new and experimental projects he says: “Sometimes it’s just something that’s fun, sometimes it’s like, what can be the most high leverage, a lot of times, it’s like setting up some kind of combo move.”  “I feel that a lot of the inspiration and the stuff that I go after, is just like either those missing holes that we were talking about, or just like: that would be cool, that would be fun to build, let’s do this for the lolz!” Curious about the possibilities and friction points on the xDAI chain? Austin talks about some of the recent developments on xdai, the risks of frontrunning with sidechains and why bridges between chains help to secure content, and why Metamask isn’t supporting xDAI by default. Ultimately we need lots of options in a decentralized ecosystem - but we also need composability. Take it from Austin - there are many opportunities to build cool stuff and have a big impact on the ecosystem, and many of the tools he builds will help you get there. If you're a Web2 developer looking to get into Web3; don't hesitate from contacting us or reaching out to Austin Griffith himself. Resources: Austin Griffith - The legendary Ethereum builder on Twitter. Scaffold.eth - is everything you need to get started building decentralized applications. ETH.BUILD - Visually understand how Ethereum works with drag-and-drop programming & Open Source building blocks. Nifty.ink - draw NFTs on xDAI with the right to mint them on mainnet. Fork to build your own NFT minting dapps. MetaGame - What this podcast is for. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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