55 minutes | Jun 13, 2020

MetaView #4 - Defying Status Quo & Building SourceCred

Today we welcome Decentralion from SourceCred to MetaView. The TL:DR on SourceCred  = A new way for people to organize economically. One that isn't based on upfront transactions. Somewhere in between having a sleepover with Vitalk and losing millions of dollars (one of those private key stories, yikes!), they started working at Google and learned all about the pagerank algorithm, which inspired the idea of building a reputation platform.  Offered support to build it inside Google, they saw how a global trust network owned by a corporation could quickly become some sort of black mirror dystopian nightmare. So they thought: “We could instead launch as a neutral open source crypto protocol and deploy it towards the very specific task of enabling crypto communities and DAOs to be able to reward their contributor”, and soon, it was bye bye Google and hello crypto! Finding amazing allies such as William Chagrin to hack together the new paradigm and LB who helped craft the community into a place that welcomed people by encouraging organic growth over hiring. With initial and ongoing funding from friends at Protocol Labs, the SourceCred team counts themselves lucky to have taken zero VC money to this day and continues issuing it’s Grain token directly to the contributors of the project instead of selling equity to investors like most start-ups. Overall, in this episode you'll hear: What is SourceCred, how it came to be, the ups & downs Why is it more important to stick to your principles than just making a lot of money How SourceCred can be used to decentrally power the global open-source commons About the overlaps & alignments of investors & builders How speculative manias fuel technological progress The future of getting a job A bunch more interesting things Mentioned content: Technological Revolutions & Financial Capital by Carlota Perez Finally: Want to get involved with SourceCred? Through here.  Join the SourceCred x MetaGame meetup on Monday 8pm, get the calendar invite. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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