47 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

MetaView #12 - Deliberately Developmental Organizations with Durgadas of TEC

Durgadas is a self-proclaimed polymath. His background includes everything from professional bike racing, to website development, to a 5-year stretch learning about the internal self in monastaries. As a person on the autism spectrum, he says there is no “turning off the input”. He learned how to accept that and use it as a synesthetic ability to think about and imagine things in three dimensions. He has a diverse set of skills and life experience that come together in the crypto space, making him somewhat of a “crypto culture coach”. In this episode, we explore spiral dynamics and integral theory to consider human development, the way we express ourselves, and how this can be used by DAOs or DDOs to create “an immersive culture for continuous individual growth as a necessary means for achieving superior business results”. Some of the topics Spiral dynamics & integral theory and applications for DAOs Decolonizing the mind and developing autonomy and agency Harnessing the power of intrinsic motivation Decentralization as a response to too much centralization Virtuous cycles and aligning human cycles with organizational productivity We hear about how Durgadas got involved with the TEC and the Commons Stack, and his immediate resonance with the objective to support the development of community members. “Once we become decentralized, we need to not only include everybody, but also include the development of everybody. How can we recognize, incentivize, and give stability and mentorship to all the people so that they can develop from wherever they are to wherever they are going.” The episode concludes with the discussion of an upcoming workshop of virtuous cycles and periodization used by athletes & great for anyone hoping to avoid burnouts, and a tip-of-the hat to supportive tailwind that begets alignment between one’s own virtues and those of the collective. Resources The Deliberately Developmental Organizations Deliberately Developmental Organization video1 video2 Building An Everyone Culture with Robert Kegan Spiral Dynamics A Primer on Integral Theory Reinventing Organizations (book) Token Engineering Commons --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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