44 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

MetaView #11 - Adoption Where It Matters with Nadia of MakerDAO & MetaGammaDelta

In this episode Peth interviews Nadia Alvarez, who handles business development with Maker and has seen first-hand the power of crypto. In Latin America, people regularly deal with unstable national currencies. They need ways to store value because of crazy inflation, and DAI has given it to them. “There are many stories in Argentina and Venezuela, countries with the worst currencies in the region, that when they started to use DAI, their lives changed." They were able to save their money from extreme devaluation & start making plans for the future - we need to tell these stories, because  we are building all these amazing solutions, but there isn’t always visibility into the impact for normal people. Topics Importance of DAI and stablecoins in Latin America DAI as a crypto gateway Stepping outside of the crypto space for real adoption Stablecoin based local currencies Importance of usability and diversity in language and experience DAO coordination and MGD grant round success Latin America is not the only place DAI is being used - in Africa, its being used in an even more interesting way. The Grassroots Economics project is taking it to a whole new level; instead of using DAI directly, they are using it as reserve for their local currency. Whereas previously they had products & services, but not enough money to facilitate the exchange - now they can just mint more, as long as people aren't exiting their economy en-masse. “It makes sense to make an extra effort to translate the content, the applications - our standard in the crypto space is english, but if you want to get more users, you have to speak their language. If we do this extra effort and translate the content and create more user friendly tools, I think that’s the next step now - to go outside the crypto space and create real adoption.” Want to start making an impact but don't know where to start? Apply to join MetaGame. Resources Ethereum MakerDAO xDAI MetaGammaDelta Grassroots Economics --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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