47 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

MetaView #10 - Building Decentralized Organizations with Luke of 1Hive

Peth sat down with Luke from 1Hive to see what drives him, exchange knowledge & discuss the points of alignment. The thing that really pulled Luke into the space was getting to experiment with community run organizations aka DAOs & decentralization in general. This led him to work at Aragon, building DAO infrastructure for a while before starting 1Hive - a decentralized collective of builders - continuing to do just that. “It’s as much a social thing as it is a technical thing - you can have the same protocol or the same technology, but if you don’t have the social side of things: the culture, the narrative, all of that stuff that really helps coordinate people and gets them to work together, the tech’s not going to get you anywhere. And that’s why Bitcoin is amazing and has this huge community, but all the forks of it are pretty much worthless - you don’t have that cultural history, you don’t have the norms that have built over time coupled with that technology.” Some of the topics Intricacies of decentralized organizing, cat-herding, and project management. Open vs invite only communities How market cycles and Lambo-dreamers help Points of decentralization & centralization Community organization and resiliency We’re starting to see a lot of these community-first organizations where everything else including investors, comes second. If the trend continues, it would be a really hopeful shift for both crypto and the wider world of startups. Luke & Peth talk about finding the balance between worker & speculator rewards, and more importantly - the sweet spots of decentralization in DAOs. “I don’t know if you can really go 100% decentralized. But the further you go along the vectors that make a big difference, I think is really critical for these things to actually succeed. The worst thing you can do is have two optimal points and then pick the point in the middle that is suboptimal on every vector.” Because of the way 1Hive is set up, there is higher decentralization at the edges, which allows the system to be resilient even if some swarms emerge or disappear. The barrier to entry to the community is very low which is great for new people, but also challenging because there can be waves of new people that are too large to appropriately onboard and integrate. Along they exchanged a lot of knowledge in how they are each solving all of these decentralized coordination challenges, and finally, discussed some bridge-building! So, join us for the 1Hive x MetaGame Meetup! 😱 Resources Luke 1Hive Lex Node on Decentralization Navigation Board Doughnut Economics MetaGame --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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