53 minutes | Jun 12, 2021

Humans of Metagame #2 - Penguin The High Flying Flightless Bird

Penguin slid into the MetaGame and out of his 9-5 thanks to a classic pandemic story including working-from-home and a covid layoff. He found the DAOspace originally by alpha-testing a text-based game called waterdeep. He learned about NFTs and started asking questions, the answers to which hurled him down the rabbit hole of discovery, finding MetaCartel, MetaGame and other online communities. He started as a developer, and never expected that he’d be playing an instrumental piece in building bridges, connecting communities, understanding novel technologies and engaging members. In this episode we explore Penguin’s entry into the world of DAOs and how that evolved into his participation in 14+ DAOs. We talk about his secrets for organization and success (hint: love and sticky notes play an integral part), web33 technology, democracy, and how to seize opportunities in the cryptospace (by contributing & not worrying about payments). Some of the topics: Connecting web3-aligned people with their optimal growth positions Equalizing opportunities rather than equalizing wealth 24hr days and rapid progress in the crypto space Community and social interaction in DAOs Skill Tree mapping Penguin and Peth discuss the freedom that results from taking ownership over the value you add to the DAOspace, and the collective empowerment created - the work of sovereign developers no longer belongs to their employers, but rather can be used to create value in multiple different networks. They further explore this freedom by acknowledging the opportunity that arises from a super interconnected community full of DM-able rockstars! The episode concludes with a comforting reminder that while financial gain is nice, having the right reasons to show up to work is everything. “Credit sleep and understand your own limitations. Balancing yourself and having friends you can connect to is just as important as creating the next project. It let’s you sustain and be a person, rather than a machine.” Resources Waterdeep Ethernal MetaCartel MetaFactory Steemit and Justin Sun Skill Forest Working Group DAOhaus --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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