49 minutes | May 17, 2021

Humans of Metagame #1 - METADREAMER of many DAOs

Hammad is a human of MetaGame; a software engineer, a designer, a futurist & a DAOist. Contributor to MetaGame, MetaFactory, Sourcecred & MetaCartel. he began contributing to MetaGame in late 2019. He was our very first serious builder, bringing us Sourcecred, building the first landing page & setting the foundations of the MetaOS. Suffice to say, we owe him a lot. In this episode we explore Hammad’s personal history; from crafting & trading in Runescape, to turning down Microsoft & his journey into the cryptoverse - along with explorative commentary on how web3 is providing a wealth of opportunity to people worldwide. Some of the topics The welcoming nature of the crypto space to newbies Discord as the current tool for web3 communities NFTs beyond art Building “Squad wealth” Standing on the shoulders of giants & composability in Web3 Peth and Hammad discuss the ways in which crypto is revolutionizing financial systems, community wealth and coordination. They discuss the importance of good coordination and project management, as well as the rapid rate of evolution and the potential that is available because of that. “Collaborating is more effective as a business strategy than trying to build your own and compete. In web3, you have huge projects and communities that are so powerful because they are collaborating with each other and creating a network of value.” The episode concludes with a critical assessment of the degenerative side of web3; from gambling in the world’s biggest casino to chasing the “highs” of sourcecred, to buying and selling tokens to maximize profits while disregarding the communities behind them. Resources The Economy of Runescape Squad Wealth The Defiant - Insane production quality DeFi news House of Ethereum House of NFTs House of DAOs Ethhub --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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