15 minutes | Nov 18, 2020

Autonomous Genesis - Real World DAOs & Regenerative Economies with Magenta of Bloom Network

Note: This is the genesis episode of two wannabe-autonomous podcasts called Autonomous A & Autonomous B. If you want to know what the hell we mean by that, you're going to have to listen through at least the intro. 🙃 Bloom Network is a kind of a real world DAO focused on building regenerative economies.  Unlike currently dominant extractive practices turning everything into profit & externalizing as much cost to the environment and the workers; regenerative economies are a practice of reversing all of that shit & creating systems, structures, ways of working and being that are nourishing and regenerative to our communities & ecosystems.  Bloom Network Local Chapters are dealing with things like food scarcities, creating and sharing resources to support localized production, converting hierarchical organizations into decentralized ones and even helping stabilize the climate. Autonomous Podcast?? What is Bloom Network How awesome Bloom Network is Regenerative Economies Real world DAOs & their lessons Are DAOs a technology or a philosophy? Bloom Network & MetaGame aligment??? “It’s been really cool to intersect with the Ethereum community who I think thinks similarly on a structural level, and have really been building the tools to handle the finance and organizing that will really be highly applicable to all these kinds of situations, especially when it comes to international collaboration.” The Bloom Network is going to be launching their mother-DAO & a community token Flower, finally decentralizing their treasury & upgrading their ways of incentivizing local bloom chapters doing awesome stuff.  Minor problem: 99% of these people never interacted with Ethereum or anything like it. 😬 If you want to help them wade through the uncharted intersection of real-world grassroots & DAOs, follow some of the portals below. 👇 Resources Magenta Bloom Network Bloom's Governance Whitepaper The Co-Intelligence Institute (by Bloom's advisor, Atlee - The Elder of Decent. Governance) Empowering Public Wisdom (one of his awesome book) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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