49 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

Autonomous B1 - Smart Villages & Crypto Networks with Nelson Melina & Magenta Ceiba

In this second episode of the Autonomous B, Magenta sits down to chat with Nelson Melina. Nelson comes from the world of fintech & blockchains but is now focused on regenerative villages and how to use these new tools for new governance & business models. Not for-profit, not non-profit, but with-profit! Looking at the crypto graveyard, it becomes clear that it is not just about creating new things, but understanding what do people actually need. Maybe it’s actually about connecting existing economis, sharing information & creating a network of projects, not building isolated projects. The question then becomes, how can we enhance the existing grassroots projects, the fertile ground for enabling a new world? “If we start creating this circular economy, money that comes into the economy stays in it, circulates, and creates more value - and that’s how you become a force enough to have an impact on society. [At the same time], if we are to build the world of the 21st century, we definitely need to be people who are working on ourselves, working on our traumas, working on how to relate to each other, working on feeling good in our bodies and clear in our minds, not stressed or cluttered.”   Some of the topics include Importance of diversity of perspectives in community With-Profit models and B Corps Creating value in communities Augmented Bonding Curves The importance of self-reflective work Magenta and Nelson chat about the ways in which we can enable better community collaboration, how to create resilient projects, and new regenerative business models. More and more people are starting to realize there are major gaps in institutional finance that can’t plug into the grassroots and regenerative ways of doing things, which is why crypto is a logical partner to these communities.   Feeling inspired by what you heard? Well reach out to Nelson, Magenta of Bloom Network or us! :) Resources Transition To A New World by Nelson Melina Virtual Futures Salon: Beyond Bitcoin with Vinay Gupta BlockScience TokenEngineering cadCAD simulator Commons Stack --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metagame/message
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