63 minutes | May 14, 2021

MENTAL HEALTH 101: Bad Therapy with Therapists Caroline Wiita and Ben Fineman

Transcription: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tm2lR4B3DcRbY29HMJIWZK2hrnH8jgqbPm6-FW5NcSA/edit?usp=sharing

This episode of MENTAL HEALTH 101 we are exposing an important truth: there is such a thing as bad therapy! But how the heck can you spot it?! Therapists and hosts of the podcast, Very Bad Therapy, Caroline Wiita and Ben Fineman join Gaby and Allison to talk about what constitutes bad therapy, why people don't know what good therapy is and how to bring up problems with your therapist. Plus, should your therapist ever touch you? (Not really!) Does everyone even need therapy? Wow! Feedback! It's a gift.


This interview contains discussion of sexual coercion, grooming, racism, and other sensitive topics. Please take care while listening.

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