39 minutes | Nov 26th 2020

Marsha Flowers of 5 Blessings Candles on Creating Happiness in The Form of A Flicker

This episode’s interview is with Marsha Flowers of Five Blessings Candles in Leavenworth, Kansas. She’s been an entrepreneur for years, making candles and creating “Happiness in a Flicker” with unique scents and joyful names. She has had both a brick and mortar version of her business, and she is now all online.

Marsha and I talk about:

  • Her earliest sparks of joy: playing as the candlemaker
  • How she and her sister started making candles and began their entrepreneurial 
  • Why Marsha left the business for a bit, and why she’s back
  • Going from brick and mortar to online sales (and why that’s great during COVID)
  • The magic that’s happened along the way to discovering the pieces that have made her business work
  • Ways to make the holidays feel a little merrier this year, even during COVID
  • Her favorite scents and how she makes and names them

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