30 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

Finding the "And": How to Integrate Your Internal and External Landscape to Find More Joy

In this episode, we’ll be looking at how to bring joy into your life, even when it’s hard. Many of us are sitting in the midst of extremes right now: feeling isolated and wishing for connection, being overwhelmed and wishing for calm. We are sad over the current situation of the world, and also want to feel joy. In this episode I’ll share how you can integrate these things in your life, by looking for the “and.”

Finding Joy in The Messy Middle 

When we get into a place like the pandemic, and things have been difficult for a sustained amount of time, finding joy becomes a practice. And, it becomes more important than ever before. One way of doing this is to make sure that you become mindful of adding joy into your day, and scheduling in time (or taking the time) to do something that helps to connect you to joy each day. 

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