73 minutes | Mar 5, 2020

8: “Her Boyfriend Sucks” — Paranormal Activity

This week we’re discussing the movie that is basically the most found footage-y of all the found footage movies. We’re drinking a $9.99 bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot in honor of the movie as well. This movie was kind of a weird time for horror in pop culture, and we talk through how Blumhouse brought back the horror franchise. Also, we point out which decision in this movie is truly the stupidest. We have two more episodes in our Found Footage arc, so stay tuned! Follow Jump Scare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Email us at JumpScarePod@gmail.com to suggest new movies or arcs!  Edited by Aaron Souza  // Hosted by Shanyce Lora and Will Redden
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