46 minutes | Dec 5, 2019

6: "Go Stand in Your Corner" — The Blair Witch Project

Shanyce and Will are back with an all-new arc: FOUND FOOTAGE! Things get creepy as they find themselves back in the woods with THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999, dir. Eduardo Sánchez, Daniel Myrick.) This movie has become a legend, but does it really deserve that title? We're going to need a whole lot of beer to get through this horror movie!  Follow Jump Scare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Email us at JumpScarePod@gmail.com to suggest new movies or arcs!  Make sure to subscribe and leave a review for us!  Edited by Aaron Souza  // Hosted by Shanyce Lora and Will Redden References Mental Floss The Guardian SyFy Wire NYTimes Review The Ringer Medium The clip from the beginning of the episode is from the 1999 film THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. 
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