38 minutes | Nov 25th 2019

Jump Chat Roll - Episode 7 - Shopping

Jump Chat Roll is the comedy gaming podcast where Rob and Shaun take a weekly irreverent look at some of the bigger topics in gaming, waving their opinions about and hopefully entertaining you as much as they entertain themselves.

In the seventh episode of Jump Chat Roll, we take a look at shopping. It's something we see in one form or another in many RPGs, adventure games and even first-person shooters like Destiny 2. We look at why "buying stuff" is synonymous with character progression, despite being generally badly implemented. We also ponder why shopkeepers set up stores in dungeons where there's very little footfall and whether the people who play Fallout 76 are the same people who will happily spend £120 on a bamboo t-shirt.

As always, there's feisty language, dark humour and maybe even some serious points about gaming. Maybe.

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