78 minutes | Jul 30, 2021

227 Haviv Rettig Gur on Antisemitism

In this extra long episode, listener favorite Haviv Rettig Gur joins Mike and new co-host Liel Zahavi-Asa to discuss his recent article about antisemitism. Why do Israelis struggle to understand antisemitism? What role does antisemitism play in Israeli politics? What did Zionists get right or wrong about antisemitism? Is optimism unrealistic? For this and so much more, join us! Haviv's article Makom Israel Teachers Lounge is a weekly podcast produced by Matt Lipman, and hosted by Michael Unterberg. Facebook page Please rate and review us on Apple and recommend us to friends! Please subscribe, listen to more episodes, and let us know what you think! We are happy to take topic requests and questions. If you have further questions about the events happening in Israel, please feel free to contact your Makom teacher.
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