127 minutes | Feb 27th 2014

JaPH Presents: We've Got Issues Episode 6 (Essentials)

This week, the guys, (J-Schro, Dnelstar, and Dan Fank) discuss news, a huge comic release week, and their personal lists of comics you should read or shoule have read.  Does it bother you as much as me that the word "read" and "read" are both the same?  I mean, reed and red aren't the same, but.... Yup, it's late.  This show runs a bit long, but it is worth the download, or your money back! Music Credits Intro - Spider-Man Unlimited theme by Jeremy Sweet Sweet 19 Blues by Namie Amuro Metal Gear Solid theme by Harry Gregson-Williams Outro - The Passenger by Iggy Pop Thanks for listening!--JS
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