86 minutes | Feb 13th 2014

JaPH Presents: We've Got Issues Episode 4 (Women)

On a special Valentines Day episode, join J-Schro, Dnelstar and DanFank as they discuss one of their favorite topics to date, Women.  In the industry of comics and fandom, women are often objectified and very under rated.  The fellas chime in with their thoughts on great creative women in the industry, the gender bias, and everything inbetween.  Oh and the toss news and new comics reviews at you as well.  Music Credits Intro - Spider-man Unlimited Theme by Jeremy Sweet Penny Arcade Theme by MC Frontalot Lovesong by The Cure Vivrant Thing by Q-tip Outro - Save the World, Get the Girl by I Fight Dragons Special Thanks to Tegan and Sara featuring The Lonely Island Everything IS Awesome Thanks for listening - JS
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