13 minutes | Jan 4th 2017

12: The Joy of Working Within Your Strengths

We’re taking a look back at some of the best lessons we have learned from all of the episodes of Season 1. Today we are going to be talking about working within our strengths. There’s a lot of pressure sometimes to do everything in your business, but you can truly begin to work in your zone of genius when you focus your greatest efforts in your areas of strength. Listen as we explain all the ramifications of making this change!   Join Laura and Lindsay as they discuss:   Understanding what you’re good at and saying yes to those things, but no to things that don’t empower you is important.  Being deliberate is important  Saying yes to everything can hurt you  We’re our hardest critics  Focus can be scary  A leap of faith leaves space for opportunity  Be good at what you pursue  Know if you’re uncomfortable because you don’t know it or because you’re not good at it  You have to understand what drives your business  Developing confidence makes your business easier  Have people who can work in the areas you’re not as strong in  Working relationships can strain business if you let them go too far  Being aware of your strengths     
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