31 minutes | Dec 16, 2019

Do We have a Communication Problem?

What we’re discussing today.   “I said what I said.”- Rules of Communication Question of the week -  Hey if you are married and your spouse doesn’t tell his family what does that mean for your relationship? Doing it Well -A Sexless Marriage is a vulnerable Marriage    3 Rules of Communication that leads towards connection. Many couples make the mistake of assuming that their problems are due to poor communication.  That is not (or rarely) the case. Why do couples think this? Because someone told them, or they read it in blog… But communication is merely the method of passing information. A pipe-a conduit. But it doesn’t change the information you are moving. The connection is the issue… not communication. When we feel connection to someone we are more willing to hear their point of view. Three rules:   Seek to Understand Focus on the perspective of your partner. Admit any difficulty in understanding or explaining.
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