29 minutes | Nov 20th 2018

Running out of Time with your Teens?

As your teenagers are heading to adulthood, your time is running out to teach them all the things. All the life skills they need to learn before you set them loose on the world.  Career choices and Academic options Social skills and relationships Life Skills for independent living Financial education How to travel well and so much more.  It's not too late, but you want to be intentional. It's time to put some focus on your oldest child and get them ready for what lies ahead. When you do, you will have a confident, empowered and capable young adult you can be proud of.  Cheers!  Chandra  Check out the post with all the show notes at https://www.laboyjoy.com/running-out-of-time-podcast/  Plus much more at www.LaboyJoy.com  Thanks for joining us on the Joy in Chaos Podcast!
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